Sunday, August 7, 2011

Winding back the clock in Lisbon (last tour video post!)

Bon Jovi wrapped up their year-and-a-half-long tour in Lisbon on July 31, 2011... Here's a selection of videos, as promised. :)

Get Ready

I don't know how hard I was listening but back when I was a high school kid who couldn't wait to grow up (Ah, the naivety of youth!) I used to blast this song in my room a lot. Probably why it's one of my favourites from Bon Jovi's eponymous first album. It's not exactly a deep thinking song... but it is fun. And it was really great to see something/anything (other than Runaway) from those early albums pop up again, even if it was on the last show of the tour.

(It's Hard) Letting You Go

Perfect song? Yes. (Well... in my opinion, of course.)

Any Other Day

One of the best songs on Lost Highway was played for the first (and obviously last) time on the tour in Lisbon. Jon seemed pretty relaxed performing it (especially given he's apparently not a fan of it) and I enjoyed the jam at the end too.

I Believe

Passionate performance. And it might be the post-tour high talking, but if I close my eyes I'd almost swear it was the 90s.

This Ain't a Love Song

If Jon had just whacked that microphone stand out of the way and dropped to his knees a la Wembley '95, it would have been perfect... although given the recent knee injury, that probably wouldn't have been advisable. :P

More videos from every show of The Circle/Greatest Hits/Open Air Tour are on Hath's Circle Tour Blog.


It's with a tinge of sadness that I hit 'Publish' on this video post. I started Blame It On The Love back in 2008 -- at the end of the Lost Highway Tour -- and it's strange to think that another tour has come and gone. We don't know when the next album or tour (either band or solo) will be. We don't know what the future holds. But we will probably be on the ride anyway.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has read this blog... whether you've followed it or just popped in once or twice. And for everyone who's commented or emailed me, I do read what you write and I appreciate that you took the time to leave your thoughts.

And finally... the tour may be over but I ain't going anywhere. ;) There's always something happening in Jovi Land, and Bon Jovi's never far from my mind anyway.

Until next time... keep the faith and never say goodbye!


  1. Aw, lovely post. Glad you're not going anywhere =)
    I feel quite nostalgic today because one week ago I was in Parque da Bela Vista in, SO, excited. It was a special night without a doubt.

  2. Thanks for the absolutely great posts! I am so glad to hear you are not going anywhere. I will need my Jovi fix whether they are on tour or not! Again thanks for the great updates.

  3. Keep up the good work Lee-Ann, maybe you can do a magic moments bit....

  4. Thanks for all the vids and news updates, always much appreciated and valued.

    ps - why don't JBJ like AOD? He sang it like he knew it off the back of his hand and wasn't stuck to the mic so I'm kidna surprised to hear that he isn't a fan of the track.

  5. For BJ news, I always come here first. Thanks for this great site!

  6. Wow, thanks for all your lovely comments!

    Jag, I don't know why but apparently the rest of the band had to convince Jon to put AOD on the album.

  7. To be fair, he nearly didn't put Livin' on a Prayer on the album, and I'm pretty sure he must like it now...

  8. It's a cash cow, whether he likes it is irrelevant. I personally wouldn't care to hear it ever again, but they're not that kind of band. 90% of the audience want to hear it (maybe even 100%, who knows, considering LOAP is something even diehards somehow magically dont get sick of, I call that force of habit), and dragged out it will be, even if by now it's practically unrecognizable from overuse and boredom.
    I guess if I was a songwriter, though, I'd be proud of having a song that most people know, but there are those who are more proud of songs that mean more to them, and I just can't see LOAP ever having meant that much personally to BJ anyway.

  9. Love the blog and all the posts this tour. Thanks!


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