Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vote for Bon Jovi: Most iconic VMA performance

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora's iconic acoustic performance of Livin' on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards led to the creation of the MTV Unplugged series.

Now you can vote for that moment in the Most Iconic VMA Performance poll. You have until August 24 and I think you can cast a vote every few hours.

Michael Jackson's 1995 medley is currently leading the way by a healthy margin, though I'm not really sure if that was an iconic performance in itself or if it just looked cool and happened to be the King of Pop. (Someone who was old enough to remember, or has a better grasp of music history might be able to tell me.)

Anyway, vote for Bon Jovi. (But please don't be rude to MJ fans in the comments, it's a bit distasteful.)


  1. Well MJ is iconic to MTV in general, I don't know about specific perfs. Those of us who arent into MJ tend to not be into that kind of stuff-- to not really 'get' what music has to do with costumes and back up dancing-- and not really into what MTV brought on. But he's definitely iconic for the MTV era.

    But people like Eminem, Gaga and Britney don't really have a lot to do with iconic MTV stuff. Eminem is great, and G and B are what they are, but the rise of MTV had come and gone long before they showed up.

    As for BJ, most people are either gonna be too young to even think of voting for them or laugh at their high numbers. I really appreciate their unplugged performance, so it deserves a nod, so I'm voting.

  2. maybe people should just vote and not waste time commenting on the poll comments. [/just an idea]

  3. "Well MJ is iconic to MTV in general" -- Yeah, can't argue with that.

    "maybe people should just vote and not waste time commenting on the poll comments" - not a bad idea.

  4. Please vote, we're losing, tell everyone about it.

  5. There's a way to vote automatically (This has to be a secret between Bon Jovi fans):

    1. Download Firefox (In case you don't have it already).
    2. Download this application:
    3. Using Firefox go to:
    4. Click on the button you see next to the "Back" and "Forward" buttons, the yellow one; then a new window will appear in the left side of the screen.
    5. Click on "Rec" and click on "Record".
    6. Vote for Bon Jovi.
    7. After voting you'll see the percentages, now click on "Stop"
    8. Go to "Play" and write "99999" on "Max:", now click on "Play (Loop)".

    That's it, you are voting automatically now.

  6. Bj fans r nuts. I voted quite a bit but can't justify neglecting job family sleep just to vote. Getting into a moral dilemma over what cheating is on a poll that accepts thousands of votes from the same person is also assinine. Not that voting automatically does anything when both sides do it anyway. And quite frankly voting 10 days straight in a slow and ineffective way will prob only make them bitter in the end. They were yelling at the bj team on twitter for not advertising the poll even though when they finally advertised it it hardly made a dent cause as we know, the diehards don't need advertising, and noone else cares. Seriously it's just getting comical, it will probably be Jons fault in the end when they lose badly.

  7. Hey guys, get a life! This is music! Granted, I am a diehard BJ fan but everyone has their own opinion. I don't think any of us need to make silly little computer pictures. Frankly I think MJ was talented but a strange person whom I am sick of hearing about. Whine, whine about his lost childhood! That doesn't make grown men invite little boys to his house for sleepovers! Yes, he was acquited, so was Casey Anthony! And now we have to listen about how stupid he was to pay some quack to overdose him. HE was the person who named himself King of Pop. BJ's last tour (Great!) speaks for itself. A fan

  8. Lee-ann. I did notice your request not to bad-mouth MJ but I could not stand it!What do the Back Street Boys have to do with either MJ or BJ?

  9. I don't delete comments unless it's blatant spam and I want this to be a space where Bon Jovi fans can discuss things without being moderated. But I will politely ask everyone to keep a few things in mind:

    1. Please avoid making assertions on legal matters. At the end of the day we don't know everything that happened in those cases and it's not really relevant here.

    2. Vote but don't sacrifice your life! I've seen comments from both BJ and MJ fans saying they haven't slept in days because they've been voting all night. I believe Bon Jovi deserves to win this poll, but it is just a poll. There's no award, and it's probably only diehard fans that even care.

    3. Obviously BJ and MJ have a lot of passionate fans and sometimes that passion boils over. But if other people want to be jerks, that's their choice. We don't have to stoop to that level. Just cast your vote, take a deep breath and walk away.

    Bon Jovi has now promoted the poll on Facebook. As it stands, we're probably going to lose to MJ but at least we'll beat Gaga and Britney, who were both ahead of us when I posted this.

  10. Hey I wanted to post this because some people say that using macros and voting scripts is cheating, but I am find out there are no rules: I read this in a bonjovi topix forum:
    You know what it comes down to, MTV does not care about automatic voting; they just want the big numbers at the end. There have been replies back from MTV thanking us for all the millions of votes so far. They DO NOT CARE how the votes come in. There are NO RULES!!!! WHERE ARE THE RULES AND WHY ARE THEY NOT POSTED IF THERE ARE RULES.
    All MTV wants to say is millions and millions people voted. MTV doest care about the automatic voting, they want the numbers. It is kind of like ratings in a sense, it's all about numbers. They know about the automatic voting or they would put scripts or programs on their websites to prevent it. The cooling off period is for their website not to crash. By the way, I myself have not found any rules or guidelines that say you can or cannot use macros (recorded steps) or automatic voting scripts.
    I want see where it says you CANNOT use automatic voting. If there are rules that say that, then it is cheating, but if there are no rules then, "IT IS NOT CHEATING."


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