Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Ain't a Love Song, Romeo and Juliet + more from San Sebastian

Bon Jovi's San Sebastián show (July 29, 2011) brought some nice inclusions... the most notable/anticipated being This Ain't a Love Song!

This Ain't a Love Song

These Days' biggest hit finally made its tour debut on the second last show of the tour. There were fans holding up signs for it in Barcelona but it wasn't played. Hope at least some of those fans got to experience it here. Jon's not moving around much but he sounds great.

Romeo and Juliet / Always

Romeo and Juliet is probably my favourite Dire Straits song so that was a cool surprise. It also segues nicely into Always.


Jon seems to have fun with this song. It's not all that well liked, but I actually enjoy it.

Wild in the Streets (partial)

This was as much of the song as I could find but it deserved a showcasing.

I'd Die For You

Hath's Circle Tour Blog has a complete video guide to this show. I'll be posting videos from Lisbon tomorrow. :)

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