Sunday, August 17, 2008

JAG - Always Run To You

I used to be the biggest JAG fanatic when I was a kid. I was about 7 when David James Elliott as then-Lieutenant Harmon Rabb and Tracey Needham as Lieutenant J.G. Meg Austin exploded onto my screen in "Top Gun meets A Few Good Men". But then JAG was canned in the US and picked up by another network. Suddenly Meg had disappeared, Harm wasn't charged with murder anymore, and the woman he was alleged to have killed had been resurrected as Harm's new partner (Catherine Bell played both characters). The show looked sleeker from then on but in terms of raw entertainment, it was never as good as the first season. And after a few years, it just got plain awful as the Harm/Mac storyline increasingly detracted from any real action, and I eventually stopped watching. However, I recently made this video based on an episode called "Webb of Lies" from Season 4 (not long before JAG "jumped the shark"). It's set to Bon Jovi's "Always Run To You" from the much-maligned 7800° Fahrenheit album. The video quality isn't fantastic and I'm no film editor but it was fun to do and this was a thriller episode.

When I give her the gun
You know she feels so right...

Bon Jovi themselves don't really like Fahrenheit as an album and I too found it very bland initially, but I must say it's grown on me. It does sound a bit dated but there's a sort of rawer, "dirtier" feel to it which is in sharp contrast to the overproduced records you often get these days.

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