Monday, August 11, 2008

Another musician seeks 15 more minutes

Here's the background: A few days ago, various sites latched onto Bart Steele's claim in Boston Magazine that Bon Jovi's song "I Love This Town" is a rip-off of his song "Man, I Really Love This Team". I don't know why the sudden publicity now, because it was old news (IIRC the story broke around May or June). But anyway, you can listen to Bart's song in the music player here and Bon Jovi's song here. Apart from the twang, they don't sound alike to me but Jovi haters have been quick to pounce on anything. ;)

Now for the new news. Apparently Sleaze Roxx received an e-mail yesterday from former Cats in Boots singer Joel Ellis claiming that Jon had stolen "I'll Be There For You" from him. To summarise, the e-mail says that after hearing the demo, Jon convinced Joel to give him the tape to give to his record company. Then when Joel heard Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You", he refused to sue because he didn't want to be compared to "a self righteous frosted hair perm boy" and "didn't care about that song". Later on, Joel says "I've always felt that people should know about this". Wonder why it took him some 19 years? The e-mail reads like your typical cliched Jovi bash... Not to mention the "bluesy" feel would suggest Richie Sambora might have had more to do with the song than Jon.

Click here to read the full e-mail.


  1. I'll be there for you is about something to do with Richie's personal life back then in the 80's saw an interview of him from back then an he explained why he liked the song alot ... also I have heard a bluesy version of it sang by Richie also ... so I guess that this man is a has been, who nerver was :))

  2. I was just reading about it and was going to post about that too in my blog so YOU STOLE MY IDEA! LOL...Kidding. These people are ridiculous.

    Come on! After all this time? They'd never be as big as Bon Jovi so they might as well be happy that someone like Jon "inspired" himself in stuff that would never have made it otherwise.

    Anyway. YAWNS is my last word to these envious guys.

  3. Sorry :P
    No reason why you can't write about it too though! ;)


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