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Bon Jovi at Dick's Sporting Goods Open 18/08/17

It's been four months since the end of the first leg of the This House Is Not For Sale Tour, but Bon Jovi came out of hibernation to perform at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. The band started about 90 minutes late due to a storm that left them temporarily stranded in New Jersey, and once the gig got underway, there were comments on social media about the sound being terrible.

Here's what was eventually played:

Set list: Endicott, NY, USA - En-Joie Golf Club - 18 August 2017
  1. This House Is Not For Sale
  2. Raise Your Hands
  3. Knockout
  4. You Give Love A Bad Name
  5. Lost Highway
  6. We Weren't Born To Follow
  7. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  8. Runaway
  9. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  10. It's My Life
  11. Bed of Roses
  12. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  13. Born To Be My Baby
  14. In These Arms 
  15. Bad Medicine
  16. These Days
  17. I'll Be There For You
  18. Wanted Dead or Alive
  19. Livin' On A Prayer
I don't know if this show technically counts as part of the tour, but if we say that it does, it marks the tour debut of "Bed of Roses", "In These Arms", "These Days", and "I'll Be There For You".  The tour resumes with five South American dates next month.

Videos from Endicott

This video contains snippets of "These Days" and "In These Arms":

UPDATE: Here's most of "These Days":

UPDATE 20/8/17: Here are some of the other videos that have since been uploaded.

"I'll Be There For You":

"Bed of Roses":

"In These Arms":

If you'd like to share links to any videos from this concert, feel free to include them in the comments below.

Were you at this show?


  1. Now that's a setlist!!! Wow. I wish they had performed some of the songs at the show I went to but I am happy that the fans who had to wait so long were able to hear some great songs.

  2. worst venue in the world for a concert ! the ground sloped up instead of down and short people couldn't see ! rude security, rude NY state troopers (shame on you!) horrible shuttle service to over-priced parking lots, everyone crammed on one side and no one on the other, waited 5 hours for a concert that started almost 2 hours late, drunk assholes everywhere ...a word of advice to Dick's Sporting Goods and En Joeie Golf Course : if you're gonna run an act the magnitude of BJ then BE EQUIPPED AND BE PREPARED for what it will entail and BE ORGANIZED ! I would not go back to this shithole if someone paid me !

    1. Thanks for sharing... Sorry you didn't have a better experience. :(

    2. The concert wasn't that bad. Yes it was a big venue.

  3. Here are a few more videos from this show:

    Bed of Roses:

    In These Arms:

    I'll Be There For You:

    Wanted Dead or Alive:

    Born to Be My Baby:

  4. Great set. Finally some good songs that need to be played. These days is one of my favorites and must say it was a little painful hearing him sing it. Hopefully they keep playing it and his voice adjusts.

    1. Agree. The setlist was a huge improvement but wow that was painful to listen to. I hope he can get some help to rehab his voice. It's astonishing how quickly it has declined over the last few years.


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