Saturday, June 24, 2017

Reddit AMA with Phil X

Earlier this week, Phil X participated in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) to promote the Hired Gun documentary. Naturally, he answered a few questions about Bon Jovi.

When asked if he might have greater input in the next Bon Jovi album, Phil said he'd like to be involved in writing:

[–]bossiecat 2 points  
Phil, I love what you bring to Bon Jovi. Will you be more involved in their next album? Have you and Jon written anything together?
[–]TheRealPhilX[S] 3 points  
that would be great. we haven't yet. we spoke about it for the last record but it was already written. i'm hoping we explore writing for the next one.

Phil also explained that the reason he didn't play on all of This House Is Not For Sale was because the album had already been recorded when the band decided to bring him in:

[–]Matticus84 2 points  
Phil, was there any particular reason you played on a chunk of "This house..." instead of the whole thing? Would love to hear you on a full record with the guys.
[–]TheRealPhilX[S] 2 points  
actually, it was all recorded when the band decided to have me involved so JBJ picked 4 songs where he felt the guitars could be stronger and i went in and did my thing. it was a thrilling experience to just do that and i'm very excited to do more.
[–]TheRealPhilX[S] 1 point  
p.s. me too. thanks.

You can check out the whole AMA, featuring Phil X, Liberty DeVitto, and Rudy Sarzo, at this link.

Here's the trailer for Hired Gun:

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