Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sambora fans unhappy with his performance

As some of you know, I was all set to go to RSO's concert at Metro City in Perth until it got cancelled. A couple of people have since messaged me suggesting I may have dodged a bullet, after fans went on Richie Sambora's Facebook page to vent their anger at his performance at Melbourne's Margaret Court Arena.

Noise11 has summarised some of the comments, but the general consensus seems to be:

  • RSO came on stage an hour late with no apology or explanation;
  • Richie appeared drunk or stoned and didn't know the lyrics;
  • Orianthi did a good job of trying to hold the show together on her own;
  • There were too many Bon Jovi songs and covers, only one solo Sambora song, and none of the promised new material from the upcoming RSO album;
  • Fans left early and are trying to get refunds.

It's worth noting that the concert in Adelaide, which is Orianthi's hometown, didn't attract the same level of vitriol. Most fans I heard seemed happy with the Adelaide show, and while there was criticism of the set list, it was mainly from people who hadn't been there. So who knows what sort of performances Sydney and Brisbane are going to get?

Here is RSO's cover of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" from Adelaide:

And their version of "Wanted Dead or Alive" from Melbourne:

Have you seen RSO on their Australian tour so far? What did you think?


  1. Hey, went and watched them in Adelaide.
    Yes,they were half hour late. They did have a few sound and technical issues.

    On the positive, Orianthi blew me away with her sound. Richie voice sounded exactly like Richie always does. I never got the impression that Richie was under the influence.
    I walked away, thinking the show was more showcasing there guitar skills.
    Why shouldn't he play Bon Jovi songs, he wrote half of them? It would of been nice to hear to hear some of RSO material instead of some covers.
    Overall it was a good concert from two talented artists.

    1. Thanks for commenting! The Sydney show received mostly positive reviews from people who attended so hopefully Melbourne was an anomaly.

      I'd love for them to do Homebound Train and a bit more of their respective solo material rather than all the covers. And obviously some RSO stuff but I assume they will whenever the album comes out.


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