Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WORK: Bon Jovi photo book

Bon Jovi is releasing a new coffee table photo book entitled WORK, which is currently available for pre-order.

Here's what the Bon Jovi Facebook page had to say about it:
We are releasing an incredible Bon Jovi photo book titled WORK. The oversized, hardcover art book - weighing nearly five pounds - contains 208 pages of images by Bon Jovi’s official tour photographer David Bergman and shows the band members on stage, backstage, and inside their own homes. A special section features never-before-seen private photos taken by Jon Bon Jovi himself. Pre-order and reserve your copy today at

And what David Bergman himself said:
It’s finally here! I’m so excited to announce my new Bon Jovi coffee table book entitled WORK. It's the culmination of my ‘work’ on two world tours with the band and I’m so proud of it. #BonJoviWORK

The book is HUGE - it weighs nearly five pounds and is 14.4 inches tall and 21.6 inches wide when opened up. It contains 208 pages of big images from my time with the band so far - spanning back to 2010. There is a lot of never-before-seen material in there including photos from inside the hospital when Jon had knee surgery in 2011 (I never thought we would release those!). I also documented quiet moments with the band members backstage and at their homes along with energetic, powerful images on stages around the world.

** Since I’ve been teaching Jon about photography, there’s a very special section of private photos that he took himself!

You can pre-order the first copies of WORK right now at . In addition, we have a very limited number of my 2013 VIP photo books available that you can get along with your WORK pre-order. These have never been for sale and we’re not printing any more. They will sell out fast. Lastly, you can get a very special copy of WORK that will be signed and numbered by Jon Bon Jovi but there are only 350 of those so you’d better order quickly.

Huge thanks to my agent Warren Winter and our designer Greta Yvonne Harding for making the book happen.

I hope you enjoy the book and show it off on your coffee table for many years to come.

Will you be ordering a copy?

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