Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Richie Sambora and Orianthi - From Hollywood with Love videos & photos

Richie Sambora appeared at "From Hollywood with Love" on January 11, a fundraiser for the Midnight Mission. Some might remember Richie was awarded the 2012 The Golden Heart Award for his work with the Midnight Mission. He performed at this show with his Aftermath of the Lowdown solo band and guitarist Orianthi, who also sang on Wanted Dead or Alive.

Karl Larsen captured some photos of Richie and Orianthi at the event.

1AnitrasDance on YouTube also uploaded all of Richie's songs.

Taking a Chance on the Wind

Lean On Me [Bill Withers cover]

Heaven Help Us All [Stevie Wonder cover] / Stranger In This Town

Seven Years Gone

Midnight Rider [The Allman Brothers cover] / Wanted Dead or Alive

Livin' on a Prayer

Some really good renditions there. Regardless of how one might feel about Richie's actions over the past year or what his future is with Bon Jovi, I know I'd much rather see him making music and enjoying it rather than, say, flogging clothes around the world while nameless sources close to him spill rumours to gossip sites.

What did you think of the performance?


  1. I was lucky enough to be there and witness his performance live. You could tell he was loving every minute being up there and jamming away, playing songs he loves. It was not a "show", he wasn't a frontman, he was "just" a gifted musician who shared his love and passion for music with everyone in the room. And that's what makes him special to me.

  2. I realize that the band is enjoying a well earned rest, except for Jon , who is performing already. (Can't afford it unfortunately} but do we have to see Mr. Sambora EVERY DAY! He obviously didn't care about us during the tour, or his friends, but now is all over the place. I never believed all that Ava baloney. Why don[t we go on "strike". I realize that some are Richie fans but I for one don't care to see or hear him again. Thank you.

    1. I'm not sure if you're just venting about Richie coming out of the woodwork, or if you're asking me to stop posting about Richie on my blog... If it's the latter, thanks for the feedback, but I've always tried to make this blog about the music of the band and its members as much as possible, and that still includes what Richie is doing. If Bon Jovi really is taking an extended break this time, there might end up being a lot of Richie in the coming months, but I'm sure Jon won't stay quiet and I'll post about him too.


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