Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greatest Hits and Ultimate Collection tracklist

The tracklist for Bon Jovi's upcoming Greatest Hits and The Ultimate Collection according to Island Def Jam (where you can also pre-order the album and get an mp3 of "This Is Our House"):

DISC 1 (Ultimate & Standard)

1. Livin’ On A Prayer
2. You Give Love a Bad Name
3. Runaway
4. Bad Medicine
5. Born to Be My Baby
6. I’ll Be There For You
7. Lay Your Hands On Me
8. It’s My Life
9. Always
10. Wanted Dead or Alive
11. Blaze of Glory
12. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (duet featuring Jennifer Nettles)
13. Have a Nice Day
14. We Weren’t Born to Follow
15. What Do You Got? (new song)
16. No Apologies (new song)

DISC 2 (Ultimate Collection Only)

1. In These Arms
2. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
3. Lost Highway
4. Keep The Faith
5. When We Were Beautiful
6. Bed of Roses
7. This Ain’t a Love Song
8. These Days
9. (You Want to) Make a Memory
10. Blood on Blood
11. This is Love This is Life (New Song)
12. The More Things Change (New Song)

In summary:
  • 13 of the 28 tracks were on Cross Road.
  • "Born to Be My Baby" and "Living in Sin" were both top 10 hits that were left off Cross Road. "Born to Be My Baby" is now in but "Living in Sin" is still out in the cold. Interesting (though not entirely surprising I guess) given certain other inclusions are only "greatest hits" in Jon's Fairyland, changes in the music industry notwithstanding.
  • The only 90s songs on the first disc or single disc edition are "Always" and "Blaze of Glory" -- nothing from the band's studio albums that decade. "Runaway" is the only song from the first two albums.
  • Bounce and 7800 Fahrenheit are not represented.

A tracklist for the Japanese edition has also been posted on CD Japan. Apparently it includes "Tokyo Road", "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" and "In and Out of Love". You can pre-order this version too.


  1. It's pretty much aimed at bringing new fans hence the outlay of songs from the past two albums. They may not be the songs I'd have picked but I've no real issue with it, I'm more concerned about getting hold of the new songs. By the way this is our house didn't sound too bad at all on the mp3 but again no solo (Richie you won't catch a flu if you shred, promise!). The song has some punch at least but I feel the band didn't quite know where to take it after the rhythm break.

  2. I can't believe the lack of representation from Bounce! And the lack of Keep the Faith songs on the first disc. In terms of 'Greatest Hits' surely "Everyday" would edge out Who Says...

    I probably would have included "Keep the Faith" before Born to Be My Baby. And would have included something off 7800 before a JBJ solo.

    I am glad to see two songs from These Days made it to disc 2 though.

  3. I just can't believe I pre-ordered a disc filled with songs I own multiple times over. It's a sickness. :-/

  4. I prefer to call it dedication :)

  5. Didn't they get a grammy nom for Misunderstood? ...not my favorite BJ song but I listen to it 100 times over before Lost Highway (the track). Yes, Everyday was a hit.. more so than Lost Highway. Hell, Strangers and Superman Tonight were bigger hits. Where is Something For The Pain? It wasn't as big as Love Song but bigger than the title track, right? And what about that track listing? I have written better tracklistings on cocktail napkins. It's almost chronilogical... and then you get a curveball.

    Now I am done bitching. I am glad Memory and Beautiful made it. Those are two of their better tracks out of the last decade. Let's hope the new songs are quality.

    Note: This does not come from any chart data. Only my memory of MTV, VH1, and radio.

  6. I got a snicker in at your "Jon's Fairyland" comment because I so agree! I love the band and have for over 26 years now, but I think MY personal choices for a greatest hits are better than these. Well, ok, SOME of these. LOL I won't moan and groan because I'm glad for the 4 new songs and I'll buy it anyway because I can't help myself, but it's disappointing that nothing from 7800 is on there. And what about Crush??? "Mystery Train" is a personal fave.

    Guess they can't please everyone (as is evidenced by the quick demise of playing classic, rare tunes on the last tour) and I'm sure newer fans will buy it. But as much as I love The Circle and those 2 songs, I don't see them as hits. Just in Jon's Fairyland I guess!

  7. Shannon, I agree with alot of what you said. I thought Superman Tonight was the biggest hit on the Circle. That is the only song I heard on the radio here in Oklahoma. But I will NOT complain that Beautiful made it.

    Mystery Train is in my top 10 BJ songs. Though I am not suprised it is not on here. But if Blood on Blood made it anything goes...

    Yes, I love JBJ and the band but he needs an advisor of some sort. Has anyone requested to hear Lost Highway... ever? The album wasn't bad, not my favorite, but had its merits. But the song is played 7-8 times out of 10 live and now got a spot on their GH over Living In Sin? or Everyday? Misunderstood? I Believe? Thank You For Loving Me? Etc.

  8. Bounce442 I agree. Speaking from memory "Something for the Pain" was bigger hit here in Australia than These Days.

    Going on 'hits' alone, any of "In these Arms" "Keep the Faith" "Bed of Roses" should be on disc 1 before "Who Says..."


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