Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garageland and Miss 4th of July up on

As we move into the final themed week on, a couple of treats have been released, both live from London's O2 arena. I'm now almost certain the whole "70 songs at the O2" thing was planned specifically to provide content for the current tour hiatus.

Anyway, watch the video of "Garageland" on the official videos page. I love this track; it should have been on Crush (I would probably have dropped "She's a Mystery" or "Save the World").

And another one of my favourite box set tracks... Listen to "Miss Fourth of July" and get the MP3 at this link.


  1. Yep, while the O2 tracks are great, again I am left wondering why they couldn't actually release some live tracks from the actual eras!

  2. No, I LOVE She's a Mystery. They could have dropped Captain Crash. I don't know why Jon loves that song so much. Garageland is better.

  3. Hm, would jbj let future website content mess with his setlists?! She's a Mystery is a good song but I don't think it quite fits the mood of the album so it seems kinda out of place.

  4. Well, I think after the furore about ticket prices at the O2, Jon knew they'd be expected to do something special there.

    What makes me think now that it was planned for the themed weeks is that Jon actually came out and specifically announced they were going to do 70 unique songs, which got a little bit of media coverage. Then it's announced that during the tour hiatus they'll be releasing rare content and nearly all of it is from the O2.

    I wouldn't put it past Jon to think ahead like that and kill two (three?) birds with one stone (make fans happy during the O2 residency while drumming up some good publicity, and continue to generate interest among fans in the couple of months off).

    Of course I'm just speculating and I could be way off. :)

  5. I love what they've done during the hiatus (and thankful for the free stuff). I do wish, however, that they would've actually stuck to the eras a little bit better (no Circle tracks or videos during the actual "The Circle" week, for instance - I could care less about the first two albums so I'll let that slide ;-)


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