Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will Richie Sambora ever release his solo album?

With the band working on the next Bon Jovi album, Richie fans might be wondering if that third solo album will ever be released. After all, Richie's been talking about a follow-up to Stranger In This Town and Undiscovered Soul since about 2000, and seemed to be working on it post-Lost Highway tour until Jon came calling. I'm starting to get excited about a new Bon Jovi album (and tour?) but I love the solo work that was done in the 90s and would love to see where the guys are at individually these days.

Now if destiny should ever grant me the opportunity to wax lyrical with Richie Sambora, and he should ask for input into his album, I'll be able to give him the perfect title:

Okay, I admit the only reason for this post was to show off that picture. But if you're not so keen on my sense of humour (or if you don't get the joke), here are a couple of great Soundstage videos of our Richie with legendary blues man B.B. King.



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  1. I've been dying for the solo record to be put out ever since Richie alluded to it partway through the LH tour. Then Jon had to go and drag everyone back into the studio lol. I guess I can make due with a new Jovi record, especially if it's really going to be a rocking record like Jon says it is.

    Loved the record title, btw...and I get it. I can probably guarantee, though, that Richie's record would be far more anticipated than Axl's POC (I refuse to call it a GnR record. Where's Slash?).

    ~ Hath


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