Saturday, January 10, 2009

LH Magic Memory #25: Blood on Blood in New York City

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and Magic Memory #25 is the last in this series of special moments from the Lost Highway tour that I began back in July. While I didn't review them in any particular order, perhaps it's fitting that #25 takes us to the final show of the tour. July 15, 2008 was the second of two shows at New York's Madison Square Garden, which were both filmed for a still-unreleased tour DVD. To be frank, the set for this grand finale was a bit disappointing from the perspective of a diehard hoping for some rarities like the ones that had appeared in Europe, and for those expecting the last show to be as good as or better than the night before. However, in my opinion, "Blood on Blood" was the highlight of the MSG shows in terms of the performance.

Jon begins the song acoustically from the podium in the middle of the crowd. The full band kicks in electric after the first chorus; Jon is a fan's delight and a security guard's nightmare in his crowd interactions along the catwalk, finally making it back to the main stage in time for the bridge. Jon was recently voted third in a poll of rock gods, and this performance was the front man showing off his finest.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the LH Magic Memories and continue to enjoy the rest of my blog. I'll do a final wrap-up post of the tour in the coming days, and then I guess that will be it as far as the Lost Highway tour is concerned. I know there were other great tour moments that weren't covered in this 25-part series but if I were to get to everything, I'd probably still be writing about the Lost Highway tour halfway through the next tour! ;) Bon Jovi are working on a new album now so there are exciting times ahead.

We were so young
One for all and all for one
Just as sure as the river's gonna run
Blood on blood, one on one
We'd still be standin' when all was said and done
Blood on blood, one on one
And I'll be there for you 'til kingdom come
Blood on blood

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