Friday, September 12, 2008

Saving a prayer for 9/11

The obvious Bon Jovi song for the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks (I know it's the 12th in many parts of the world including Australia but if I'm not mistaken it's still the 11th in the US at the time of writing) would be "Undivided". Maybe a little too obvious. Besides, I wrote a bit about that song in my Randers post. So given Keep the Faith won's best 90s rock album poll today, let's go with one of the tracks that could have made a classic album even better.

Here's an unofficial fan video for "Save a Prayer" which was a bonus track on some versions of Keep the Faith (and IMO should definitely have been on the album proper). It also appeared on the Special Edition Bonus CD of Cross Road. The song has some relatively simple yet deeply profound lyrics and is right up there with my favourite Bon Jovi songs.

Dear Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or can I just call you Joe?
I got a lotta things to tell you and some things I gotta know
I'm tired of hearin' talk about this world's about to end
If we can die together then why can't we all be friends?

Oh, and I know it's been more than a "couple" of days but Magic Memory #16 WILL be up soon.

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