Monday, September 8, 2008


I've tried not to get overly political in this blog, preferring to focus on the music that I presume most Bon Jovi fans are here for. On the other hand, it's been no secret that politics plays a big part in the life of Jon Bon Jovi these days, and I think it would a bit narrow to ignore that entirely.

Last week, Jon highlighted his philanthropic credentials by donating $1 million towards the construction of some apartments in Newark, New Jersey for people with special needs. :)

Then it was onto the hosting of a campaign fundraiser for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, and I think this might have tickled a few feathers. Bon Jovi is a band that, despite never being particularly fashionable, appeals to a wide audience. So it's inevitable that such an audience is going to include some conservatives and Republicans. (If I'm not mistaken, former bassist Alec John Such is a conservative). Jon also attracts criticism from people who point out that he never used to be a political activist, or that he used to say things like "I'm normal, I'm Republican". Well, all I can say to that is that people's views change over time. My own political views have certainly evolved in the last few years as I grew up, encountered different people, and began to observe the world around me. So there's no reason why the same can't happen to Jon Bon Jovi. As for him supporting the Democrats (He also campaigned for John Kerry in 2004), he's entitled to hold and voice his political opinions like anyone else in a free country, and you are entitled to agree or disagree with them. No one is actually tying you up and forcing you to vote for Obama just because JBJ does... Hell, America doesn't even have compulsory voting. ;) I'm a bit of a so-called "loony lefty" myself but if I believe in democracy, then I must respect the rights of others to be right-wing, apathetic, or whatever they choose.

Jon also tends to keep his politics and music separate. I think this is partly because the rest of the band may not be as politically minded as he is, but mostly for fear of isolating large sections of his fans. "Have a Nice Day" is as close as Jon is likely to get to a protest song. As much as I love that song, it does sound a bit like "It's My Life Part 3" and I'd like him to write something a little ballsier. Be bold and angry! The downside to that would be the inevitable comparisons to Bruce Springsteen...

Too lightweight one minute, too political the next... but constantly criticised all the same... Bon Jovi must be used to it after 25 years! I've just voted in an election that resulted in a hung parliament, so there are plenty of thoughts running through my head, but these were just a few that related to Bon Jovi. I hope it was reasonably coherent and diplomatic. ;)

My next magic memory will be posted in the next couple of days... Stay tuned!

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  1. Yep, you were very diplomatic as usual =)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but everyone wants to avoid being bombarded by criticism and often also abuse, so maybe that is why people (especially celebrities) don't want to get involved.

    I agree with what you said about "Have a nice day" being "It's my life part 3" and Jon never getting TOO political in his songs. And you're right to say as well, he's got the other members of the band opinions to consider.


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