Friday, April 15, 2022

The grass is Greenville for Bon Jovi

Yeah, that was an awful pun and may or may not be my silly attempt at distracting you from the fact that I'm falling behind again. But hey, I work full time and spend a lot of that time in front of a computer screen so sometimes watching videos and blogging isn't necessarily my priority afterwards. I'm sure it's no skin off Jon's back. 😜

Anyway, show #6 of Bon Jovi's 2022 tour took us to Greenville -- which was actually the scene of the opening show of the This House Is Not For Sale Tour way back in 2017. Gosh, that feels like a lifetime ago.

Here's what happened in 2022...

Greenville, South Carolina, USA - April 11, 2022

Bon Secours Wellness Arena

  1. Limitless
  2. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name
  4. We Weren't Born to Follow
  5. It's My Life
  6. Beautiful Drug
  7. Born to Be My Baby
  8. This House Is Not For Sale
  9. I'll Be There For You
  10. Just Older
  11. Let It Rain
  12. Keep the Faith
  13. American Reckoning - acoustic
  14. We Don't Run - acoustic
  15. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - acoustic
  16. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  17. Lost Highway
  18. Roller Coaster
  19. Wanted Dead or Alive
  20. Have a Nice Day
  21. Livin' on a Prayer

  22. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  23. Bad Medicine

Selected videos from Greenville

 "I'll Be There For You". I mean, the voice is what it is. But the crowd "whoa-oh-ohs" are always cool:

"Keep the Faith". Phil X is fire and hands-down my favourite thing about live performances of this song:

"Born to Be My Baby". Jon can definitely still do his front man thang, I won't deny that:

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