Thursday, September 23, 2021

You can sing the melody to me and I can write a couple lines

Right off the bat, I'm going to admit this is a very self-serving blog post -- but hopefully it's of interest to some of you too!

eBook and print book mockups of Black and Blue by Lee-Ann Khoh.
In one of my other lives, I fancy myself as a writer. And now my debut novel, Black and Blue, will be released into the world on November 1! It's a contemporary coming-of-age story and the main character, Jade, just so happens to be a huge Bon Jovi fan among other things because... why not? It's something I clearly have a lot of firsthand experience of. 😀

Jade is 18, and this band saved my life when I was a teenager -- and I wanted to honour that in some way. Especially since I didn't know if I'd ever publish another book after this one (and technically I still don't, but I certainly intend to).

Anyway, like I said, this post is shamelessly self-serving. The point of it is basically to tell you all that I have a book coming out and you can pre-order it now if you want to.

Learn more about Black and Blue and find it at your preferred online retailer. 🙂

Now, you might have noticed the title of this post and concluded that I don't care about SEO. But to bring it all back to Bon Jovi, it's also a lyric from "(You Want To) Make a Memory". I love the song, but the music video is also one of my faves and it was recently remastered. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a great reason to watch it again to me. 😉


And one month before my book comes out, Diana: The Musical -- with music by our favourite Tony award-winning keyboard player, David Bryan -- will make its debut on Netflix.

Feel free to share your thoughts below. 😊
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