Sunday, February 9, 2020

Preview Limitless with Sing Bon Jovi Contest

Bon Jovi is yet to drop the lead single from their new album, but you can preview it with the Sing Bon Jovi Contest that Jon announced a couple of days ago:

You'll need to access the site on a mobile device, where you'll hear a snippet of instrumental and some lyrics appear on screen for you to sing along to (however you think they should sound).

The lyrics that appear are:

On a night like this
One prayer, one wish
Step out off the edge
It’s worth the risk
Life is limitless
Limitless, limitless

As far as I'm aware, you can access the preview and record a video of you singing it from anywhere. However, the contest is only open to US residents.

It's hard to tell from that little bit of the song whether I'll like the whole thing or not, but feel free to share any thoughts you might have on it.

Now here's something I neglected to blog about when it happened (What can I say? Life gets busy) but I thought it was pretty cool... Jon Bon Jovi sharing the stage with Billy Joel at the latter's Madison Square Garden concert.

Jon performed "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" and "Big Shot" with Billy:

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