Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Drills EP Stupid Good Lookings Vol. 1 out now

Way before Phil X was in Bon Jovi, he was making music as the lead singer and guitarist of Phil X & The Drills. And he still is. 🙂 They recently released a new EP, Stupid Good Lookings, Vol. 1.

EP cover of Stupid Good Lookings, Volume 1 by Phil X & The Drills.

It features Daniel Spree on bass and backing vocals, as well as a bunch of notable guest drummers: Taylor Hawkins, Abe Laboriel Jr, Glen Sobel, Randy Cooke, Brent Fitz, and Matt Chamberlain.

You can get Stupid Good Lookings, Vol. 1 on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. CD and vinyl versions are set to be available soon.

You can also stream it on Spotify:

What do you think of the new EP? Obviously it's different to anything Phil is likely to do with Bon Jovi, but we've always known that. 😉 I'm enjoying it at the moment.

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