Friday, December 2, 2016

The Devil's in the Temple music video #THINFS

Bon Jovi's music video for "The Devil's in the Temple" has now been released on TIDAL. During the TIDAL X: Bon Jovi shows, Jon said that the song is about an unnamed person at the record company. The video depicts a young female singer being harassed by record label executives to change her image, while Jon looks on in disapproval. I would've liked to see the whole band there -- maybe the rest of Bon Jovi accompanying the girl, while Jon sat back and watched -- but I get the message of the video. And there are videos from the album, including some that are still to be released, that the rest of the band is on.

Watch "The Devil's in the Temple" on TIDAL:

UPDATE 9/12/16: The music video has now been uploaded to the BonJoviVEVO channel.

Watch "The Devil's in the Temple" on YouTube:

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  1. Everything he depicts in regards to the record execs are all "illuminati" . the triangle, an exec doing the the triple 6 hand sign. To me he is confirming conspiracy theories about the illuminati & music industry!


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