Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Marty Schwartz interviews Phil X + alleged Richie Sambora investigation

I made a decision some time ago that I wanted this blog to be about the music. But it's been hard to avoid the tabloid fodder surrounding Richie Sambora, who is alleged to have made death threats towards Nikki Lund. From what I can tell, all the articles that have reported on this are just picking up the original Daily Mail "exclusive":
'They are in the midst of unraveling their fashion business Nikki Rich,' a source told Daily Mail Online. 'Things have become very bitter in recent weeks.

'The threat happened in the midst of Nikki launching her solo line. Richie apparently went mad on the phone at her and threatened to kill her.
'He said words to the effect that he was going to dig a hole in the desert and bury her.'

Nikki, a close childhood friend of Kim Kardashian, filed a report Wednesday night with detectives from the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station.

'She held off going to cops hoping that the situation would resolve itself,' added the source. But after advice from lawyers and business associates she made the report.

'Richie has been drinking heavily for months and acting erratically

'He has threatened violence in the past.'

Richie's people apparently told Asbury Park Press that Nikki's claims are payback for ending their fashion partnership:
"She's seeking publicity with these false allegations," said Sambora's rep. "They have been changing by the day."

Lund is the Kardashian pal that Sambora started to pal around with seven years ago. A romantic relationship ended yet the two continued to collaborate in the fashion world. Once Sambora decided to pull the plug on the unprofitable business relationship, that's when Lund made the charges, according to the rep.

"Mr. Sambora made the decision to stop any further funding of this unprofitable business," said the rep via email. "It fell on deaf ears. She continued making arrangements and commitments for him."

Things came to a head when Lund made a commitment for Sambora to appear at an LA Fashion Week envent on March 18, the rep said.

"Mr. Sambora did not attend the March 18 fashion show in an attempt to distance himself from this and to not mislead anyone. He has the right to pull out of the business," the rep said. "His not showing up seemed to be a surprise to a frantic Nikki Lund when it shouldn't have."

The company, Nikki Rich, has lost $4 million, the rep said, yet Sambora did offer to pay the company's 40 employees three months severance.

"She filed a cluster of lies 13 days later in retaliation for his no longer funding this unprofitable partnership," the rep said.

I think it's important to note that none of us know exactly what happened or what was said between Richie and Nikki, but if the goal was to further smear someone's reputation, it may well have succeeded.

On a more musical note, Marty Schwartz from Guitar Jamz recently met up with Phil X for a jam and guitar lesson. He also conducted this interview. In it, Phil talks about being a session guitarist; playing vintage guitars for Fretted Americana; getting the call-up to Bon Jovi; and recording a new album with his band, The Drills.

Marty Schwartz Interviews Phil X

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