Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bon Jovi to release expanded editions of New Jersey

As part of Bon Jovi's 30th anniversary celebrations, new remastered editions of their New Jersey album will be released this year. The Deluxe Edition will be a 2-CD set featuring the full album plus bonus tracks on the first disk, and unreleased demos from what was intended to be Sons of Beaches (before it was whittled down to the 12 tracks we know as New Jersey) on the second disk. The Super Deluxe Edition will feature the two CDs plus a DVD with Access All Areas and the music videos on it.

The track listing for the expanded editions are as follows:

DISC 1: NEW JERSEY (original album, remastered) + bonus tracks
  1. Lay Your Hands On Me
  2. Bad Medicine
  3. Born To Be My Baby
  4. Living In Sin
  5. Blood On Blood
  6. Homebound Train
  7. Wild Is The Wind
  8. Ride Cowboy Ride
  9. Stick To Your Guns
  10. I’ll Be There For You
  11. 99 In The Shade
  12. Love For Sale
  13. Bonus Tracks:
  14. The Boys Are Back In Town (Cover of the Thin Lizzy classic; previously released on Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell compilation; released in the U.K. as a 12” single B-side)
  15. Love Is War (B-side from Living In Sin single)
  16. Born To Be My Baby (Acoustic Version; previously released as a b-side in Japan)

  1. Homebound Train
  2. Judgment Day
  3. Full Moon High
  4. Growin’ Up The Hard Way
  5. Let’s Make It Baby
  6. Love Hurts
  7. Backdoor To Heaven
  8. Now And Forever
  9. Wild Is The Wind
  10. Stick To Your Guns
  11. House Of Fire
  12. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?
  13. Diamond Ring

Directed by Wayne Isham.
The original 1990 88-minute documentary of the band’s epic 16-month world tour in support of the NEW JERSEY album; includes rare backstage, on-the-road, and live concert footage.
First time released in the U.S. on DVD format

All directed by Wayne Isham
  • Bad Medicine (1st Version)
  • Born To Be My Baby
  • I’ll Be There For You
  • Lay Your Hands On Me
  • Living In Sin
  • Blood On Blood
  • Bad Medicine (2nd Version)

The New Jersey Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions are set for release on July 1, although Australian music site Noise11 lists a June 27 date, so presumably the release dates will be staggered in different parts of the world. Other albums are set to get the "special deluxe" treatment this year, too.

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  1. I am shocked at the way that this has been packaged. It has been packaged in such a way that I nearly broke the second disc trying to get it out. It has ruined the whole experience for me, and I am looking to re-sell or get my money back from amazon. I am totally shocked, angry, upset and heartbroken that this has been done this way, and would encourage finding the bonus stuff on YouTube and Video instead. To add insult to injury, the essay writer thinks this album's 25 years old. It's not, it's 26. I have made some bad buying choices, but this one takes the mickey. I don't even like Bon Jovi anymore, and I was hoping this would help me find that love again. No way. I will be avoiding anything else in relation to this 30th Anniversary celebrations, and it will be my loss. But my gain is I will glad I got rid of this 30 years down the line.


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