Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Nothing to do with Jon" - Richie Sambora

Apart from retweeting fans' video links, Richie Sambora's been giving us a few tweets to analyse and debate lately...


(That is referring to a 2001 Saturday Night Live skit in which Jon and Richie are auditioning dancers, and get the DeMarco brothers' dramatic interpretations of Bon Jovi songs. Jon then unceremoniously kicks them out. The video can be found online but doesn't seem to be viewable outside of the US, although I didn't try using a proxy.)

But this is his most recent tweet, so maybe it puts to bed some widely circulated theories. Or maybe not... I mean, who can even pretend to understand what's going on anymore? :P

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  1. I wish I could fast forward 4 weeks and have a better understanding of what is going on AND if Richie is back on tour or not. Speculation seems equally to be endless and useless.

    I keep going back and forth but have decided that I probably won't see them on their next leg unless Richie is back. I liked my previous show but just don't want a repeat of it.

    The whole mess makes me sad. I didn't even bother to do their Sunday movie night--just didn't want to experience 2 hours of what used to be.


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