Monday, August 19, 2013

Jon Bon Jovi mentors on X Factor Australia

Jon Bon Jovi was a guest "superstar co-mentor" in last night's episode of The X Factor Australia alongside Redfoo, who has been assigned the Under 24 Girls category.

Mentoring Session | Under 24 Girls - Home Visits

Here's an extra clip of Jon discussing the challenge of winning over a television audience and sustaining a career over time.
The full episode is also available on the X Factor website.


  1. Thanks for sharing this :) Thought Jon worked well as a mentor disregarding the obvious draw he brings, especially with the last contestant.

  2. jon should be concentrating on his relationship with his guitarist of 30 years and not this crap!

  3. His guitarist of 30 years should have been concentrating on touring with the band, not his twitter account and some fashion company nobody has heard about, but...stuff happens.

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