Thursday, July 25, 2013

Richie Sambora's Every Road contest winners

Richie Sambora has finally revealed the winners of his Every Road Leads Home to You cover contest.

The winner was of the signed guitar is Valentin with his ukulele/accordion/percussion/vocal cover:

There were also four runners-up.

Kowy (acoustic guitars)

violemunram (vocal/acoustic guitar)

Ben Jonathan (vocals/guitar/bass/drums)

John 'the Stickman' Muggianu (drums)

Congratulations to the winners! Which cover was your favourite?

You can also check out other entries at this link.


  1. Good now that this is over, maybe he can show up in New Jersey tonight?

  2. That same thought entered my mind! I loved that song but I don't care about it anymore. I resent the fans being used by Richie as pawns against Jon. Annoying tweets about how he loves his fans, yadah yadah yadah! He doesn't love his fans. Thousands spent money to see the band. Love his music, his playing but I don't care if he's there in October. Saw Phil two years ago and he was great.


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