Monday, July 1, 2013

Italian Bon Jovi fans rock (Because We Can)

Check out this impressively choreographed tribute from the fans at Bon Jovi's Milan concert on June 29, 2013. Jon's attempts to get a significant proportion of the crowd singing "Because We Can" finally worked, too... although he managed to forget the lyrics himself and had to start the song again.

Jon was, in his own words, "crying like a little girl" afterwards.

Tour photographer David Bergman captured this panorama from the rafters.


  1. He didn't forget the lyrics, he was just overwhelmed and emotional and he choked.
    The concert was amazing, italian fans were so loud that you couldn't really hear jon sing :) everybody was in a really good mood - dave and tico and phil, too, so the whole experience was unforgettable. And phil x is doing a good job, it seems he's got a good relalionship with the band, too, so I'm glad he saved the tour and made this night happen, although I did miss Richie. Too bad they can't both be in the band :)

  2. The last time this happened in Italy, Jon was really touched and happy. The fact that he choked up and was really emotional about it this time shows that he must have needed that special message of support. I am sure the Richie situation weighs on him even though obviously the band is doing a great job.

  3. I was there,,,amazing is all I can say


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