Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aftermath of the Lowdown promo rolls on

Richie Sambora's album Aftermath of the Lowdown was released digitally on September 18, with the physical album to be available from this week. He has been doing some cool promotional performances, including this (electric for the first time) performance of Every Road Leads Home to You on Good Morning America.

Hath is pretty much on top of Richie's other promo appearances, and I have to acknowledge that a chunk of my traffic comes from her, so I'll just link to her blog where you can find some audio or video:

Richie also did a Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter. Here's a snippet:
THR: Is there a marketing plan in place?

Sambora: Some of the people at Dangerbird play the record for journalists or radio people and don’t tell them who it is. It’s really cool. People are going to have a preconceived notion of what this record is supposed to be. I think it’s a great exercise because it lets people visit the music fresh, and after three songs they go: "Who the hell is that? Richie Sambora. Get the f--- out of here.” I love that people are so surprised.

THR: How was it different writing for your record than a Bon Jovi record?

Sambora: When I write songs with Jon, it’s an awesome experience, but basically there is a lot of commonality in our relationship. We grew up five miles away from each other, a couple years apart, in the same social bracket, but our styles are very different. When I write for the band, he is the megaphone for that band. So I write words that he is going to be able to sing, and I look at that as very important. With my solo stuff, I’m the guy with the mic. I’m the megaphone. … In the band, we all sit down and talk about things. Jon is the leader of this band, and I have had a lot to do with everything. I have been a guy that has co-written 90 percent of the hits, as well as many songs on every record. I also co-produced a lot of the records with Jon. We were essentially the songwriting team that moved that team forward, and on the business level, I have been his right-hand man. We were label presidents on our own label on Atlantic Records and produced Skid Row out of that, so Jon and I had done a lot of work in this organization for a lot of years, and that’s the way it’s rolling. Jon’s the leader, and there are no bones about that -- and no hard feelings. Everyone has a specific role in the caste system of what this band is, and that’s why it has lasted for 30 years.
Read the full interview here.

And finally, my friend and fellow Bon Jovi fan Adam reviewed Aftermath of the Lowdown for Check it out and if you wish, leave your feedback on their Facebook page.

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