Monday, July 2, 2012

Richie Sambora Sunset Sessions

Richie Sambora recently performed an acoustic set at Sunset Sessions Rock!, playing songs from his upcoming solo album Aftermath of the Lowdown as well as some Bon Jovi favourites. Here's some video...

Performing Every Road Leads Home To You and Livin' on a Prayer:

Talking about working with Luke Ebbin and Jeff Castelaz at Dangerbird Records and being free to explore things outside of the "Bon Jovi juggernaut."
Performing Taking a Chance on the Wind and Wanted Dead or Alive:

Sunset Sessions are industry-only events so I'd just like to thank them for sharing these videos... Us fans appreciate it. ;) It's probably got to be said that Richie doesn't really sound too good here but he could be having an off day.

What do you think of the performance and the new songs?


  1. Loved the glimpse of the new record. The setting was not great in terms of mix and sound but I love hearing him talk about his development of this new record--writing, working with other musicians, being "free" from the Bon Jovi sound and its constraints. He obviously is very proud of the music and plans to go out to promote it so good for him.

  2. I'll be buying Richie's new solo record. I have them all; Stranger In This Town is still awesome! Bon Jovi: I hope Jon kept his stupid politics out of their music, for their next CD {unlike The Circle}. .. I (and a lot of people) will not buy it, otherwise. He's an idiot, politically, but no one can tell him anything because his mind is made up. Bring us the good time rock and roll! A song about friendship? Ok. Love ballad? Fine. His precious president never did put the people back to "Work! for the working man" ... This is the band's last chance, with me.

    1. Good. Stay home! Go see Ted Nugent. Since when is it awful to give a damn about your fellow man? I really never thought there was politics in The Circle anyway. This is the worse recession since the 30's with a worthless war that killed thousands. It won't go away overnight.

  3. The mix seems to be the problem, not necessarily RS's vocals or playing (though that acoustic played through that particular amp sounds like garbage, to me). Plus, his sidemen (particularly the bass player) are really sloppy. They all seem like this is a backyard jam anyway, so I wouldn't put too much stock in "Richie sounds really bad these days" kind of thoughts.

    I would note, however, that he seems to need a longer break from the Bon Jovi machine. Maybe he's just high on his solo record right now, but there's a sense of dread in his comments about revving back up the machine.

    1. I do actually think Richie has sounded pretty good in the not-so-distant past so I'm not spelling doom and gloom, just saying he doesn't sound great here in comparison to what I think he's capable of. ;)

      As for his comments about the Bon Jovi machine, it does sound a bit like he doesn't quite want to go back yet. But I'm also wary of reading too much into his comments which may not have come across the way he intended.


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