Saturday, February 4, 2012

Richie Sambora tweets summary #richiesamborasolorecord

Thanks to Rike via Hath for sifting through the crazy mass of Twitter replies from Richie for the stuff you need/want to know. I've got the music related ones here:
“@GAC_Jovi: @TheRealSambora How long have you been working on this solo album?” since September

“@EvilEf69: @TheRealSambora Have you written any ballads for this album? P.S. I Love You! xoxox” p.s. yes I have

“@DanielaSambora: @TheRealSambora you're not gonna answer me cause you have tones of twits but are you thinking about a solo tour?” yes!

“@challenge4chng: @TheRealSambora can we expect more blues or more rock from you Richie???” All of the above! Plus more....

“@GDGfan12: @TheRealSambora can't wait for the album Richie. Any idea on the name yet?” I'm still working on names....

“@Pauliem24: @TheRealSambora Hey Richie is this album going to rock? Can't wait for it!” Its got something for everybody!

“@keilasambora: @TheRealSambora #richiesamborasolorecord Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton???” Two of my heroes. Two of my dear friends.

“@Erik_Bj: @TheRealSambora Richie, how many songs have you written for the new album?” 13 so far

“@samboragirl1: @TheRealSambora LES PAUL OR FENDER?” all of the above

“@wyldlifewarrior: @TheRealSambora Any idea on a time frame for the new record?” soon. Reeaaaally soon

“@safa_sandy: @TheRealSambora For the 50th time, what is the name of the solo album???” for the 51st time I'm workin on it!

He's also since tweeted a bit more:

“@vanillasizta: @TheRealSambora What's more important-music or ladies?” MUSIC!!

“@sueellen93: @TheRealSambora Queen or Aerosmith?” love 'em both!

“@juuholiveira: @TheRealSambora who's your favorite Beatle?” changes every day! In a George Harrison mood today.

“@SistaJovi: @TheRealSambora Who was the first concert you went to?” Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Tuckey Buzzard

“@HELOBRYAN: @TheRealSambora Fender or Gibson?” alot of both!!

“@RosieRingo: @TheRealSambora ever played The Beatles Rockband?” yep and I'm terrible at it!!

“@MissyLovesPez: @TheRealSambora Speaking of George Harrison, did you ever get to meet him?” never had the pleasure.

“@yeseniaVeraCont: @TheRealSambora That you like current bands?” @kingsofleon @muse @eminem @arcadefire @theblackkeys

“@DolphinPM: @TheRealSambora Do you like U2??? What can u say about them?” love @U2 great guys!!

There have been the typical boxers vs briefs questions and lots of "Please talk to me, you've replied to everyone else and I will die if you don't" type of tweets that I didn't bother to copy/paste here but you can always have a read of it yourself. :P

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