Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kenny Greco - Telling Lies + It's My Life

This isn't exactly about Bon Jovi but I first met (twet?) Kenny Greco on Twitter a couple of years ago. He has the rare distinction of depriving me of sleep one weekend, because after staying up all night for a Bon Jovi live stream (From memory, it was the epic Hard Rock Calling), I then watched a live stream of one of Kenny's gigs (where he played for over three hours) and by the time he was done, it was time to see my beloved West Coast Eagles in action (roughly another three hours). So yes, very little sleep that weekend but it was worth it. :P

Anyway, this is Kenny's new single, Telling Lies. Check it out... and if you dig it, share it.

You can download Telling Lies from iTunes or get it for free from Kenny's website.

And in case you're still not sold on the Bon Jovi angle of this post, here's Kenny doing an acoustic version of It's My Life. ;)

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