Thursday, January 19, 2012

Irish Skid Row says JBJ took his name

Brush Shiels, from the original Skid Row (an Irish band from the 60s/70s that Thin Lizzy's Gary Moore and Phil Lynott were in) posted a video a few days ago about how the more famous American Skid Row took his band's name.

He is calling on Jon Bon Jovi to contact him to sort out the issue.

Why Jon, and why now?

Well, Brush wants to release a new Skid Row record. As for the JBJ part it's slightly more complicated, but this is what supposedly happened:
  • Jon had a generous publishing deal with Skid Row in the 80s (I think this part is fairly common knowledge);
  • Jon apparently asked the late Gary Moore for use of the "Skid Row" name, to which Moore said he'd have to contact Brush Shiels;
  • Jon never contacted Brush Shiels;
  • Gary Moore was reportedly paid $35,000 for use of the name but apparently this never happened either.

Brush has apparently told Irish radio he is prepared to take this to court*, so it'll be interesting to see how the saga plays out.

*Thanks for the tip, Alan

Here is Brush's video...

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