Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Nikki Sixx thinks JBJ is an A-hole...

A pompous one, to be precise. It was in response to Jon's quote that didn't just want to be a rockstar; he aspired to be on the cover of Time:

Nikki Sixx
What a pompous asshole.
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11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
Guess that means all that "I always dug Jon" stuff in The Heroin Diaries is dead and buried these days? ;)

I know some Bon Jovi fans got a bit upset by the tweet but to be honest, I found it stupidly funny more than anything.

I'll leave the final word to "Future Jon Bon Jovi":
Future Jon Bon Jovi
Note to Past Me: called you/me a "pompous asshole." Just read "The Dirt." Lots of asshole-like behavior in there. Picked up tips.
11 hours ago
Yup, Twitter is so much fun. :P

In other news, I'm also thinking of getting some guest bloggers on Blame It On The Love, so if you're interested in contributing a post, just shoot me an email.


  1. Oh that makes me laugh out loud! Nikki Sixx is not one to point fingers about things. I love that Jon is trying to make the world a better place. It makes me proud(er) to be a fan when I know those guys are really doing something for others and actually give a rat's ass about things. Hell, they are better at community service than I am, that's for damned sure!

  2. who's Nikki Sixx anyway? the cliché rockstar incapable to understand what Jon was talkin' about...

  3. Nikkis Sixx tries to get some popularity I guess by posting bullsits on Twitter... What a loser!!!

  4. I meant bullshits... OMG what's wrong with me...

  5. Hi, I was not a fan of BonJovi until the last few years but of course knew who they and Jon was. After reading the above entry, I had to google who the H___ Nikki Sixx was????. Sounds like jealousy to me. Maybe Nikki needs something else constructive in his life. eg. charities, worrying about someone besides himself. Jon is not popular just for his music.

  6. Jon is a rock god. He is a family man who cares deeply not only married his high school sweetheart (which spoke volumes during the crazed days of touring with chart topping Rock band.) But, he is also a pillar of society and model citizen nowadays. He's admitted to being, "no saint." But he's he's made his family and career life work for him. He inspires many. On the other hand, both Jon and Nikki are Hotttt!


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