Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bon Jovi coming up on Oprah; Poll almost over

I've just finished watching the second of four Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure specials, which have been screening at prime time here in Oz instead of its usual noon slot. Apparently Bon Jovi will be on the third episode which airs tonight in the US (January 20) and tomorrow night in Australia (January 21). Check local guides. I'll probably be watching the cricket tomorrow so I'll have to remember to flick the channel over myself but hopefully the relevant footage will be available online anyway.

I did notice that some of the ultimate fans were sent to my hometown of Perth but none of the footage seems to have gone to air. I'm not sure what they did here, but I hope they got to see the rest of Western Australia, which makes up almost a third of the whole country and is a lot more interesting from a tourists' perspective than the capital city.

Also, if you haven't already voted on my poll, you have four hours left. Looks like a new header is the priority, but more than half of you also want me to make my vlogging debut. :P

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