Monday, November 9, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora on This Morning

An interview with Jon and Richie aired on ITV's This Morning in the UK today. Jon was asked about ticket prices for the O2, to which he pleaded ignorance but said that he would look into it and shoulder some of the blame. Interesting. Personally, I don't see how any CEO worth his salt could possibly not know about those prices -- especially after the backlash and media attention -- but whatever. When I'm important enough to be interviewed, I'll be able to say whatever the heck I want too. :P Jon and Richie were also asked the usual questions about the new album, documentary and touring. They seemed to be in a fairly good mood.


  1. they are the best guys and their music are the best music in the world

  2. saw this today, you're definitely right, how could he NOT know about the whole thing with the ticket prices after claiming he was the CEO and so involved. it sounds like he realises now a mistake has been made and doesn't really want to talk about it because he knows the shows will sell out whatever. but loved the story about the candles in the basement with KTF, something i've heard him say before! and yeh, they look happy so that's all cool :)

  3. I loved the fact that, at last, they looked happy in the interview! It sure helps.

    As for the tickets...I didn't buy it when he tried to plead that he wasn't all that aware. You could just tell he knows very well what's been said in the newspapers etc. Maybe that's why he's been looking a tad miserable recently. I don't know...

    If there was indeed a boycott to the shows it'd be the best album and tour in decades ruined by his greed.


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