Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bart Steele appeals I Love This Town verdict

Oh dear.

Remember that guy who sued Bon Jovi for $400 billion over "I Love This Town" and had his case dismissed?

Seems he's appealing. His statement on the matter can be read on antiMusic and on his MySpace blog.


  1. i laughed when i read about this originally. a lot. and now, im just dumbfounded...but still laughing a lot, what an absolute fool!

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  4. hey samborakid - instead of worshipping a band that hasn't created their own music for 18 YEARS!!! why don't you follow people who do it for the love of music and not for the money. As for this case, have you EVEN read it - or are you just going on your love of this band? cause if you have actually read the case you would see that there is more to it than him being a fool!

  5. christina - he bases it on jon stealing a lyric where the only similarities were the words 'i' and 'this'. im sorry but i think he's messing with the big guys, there's no way he's going to get anywhere, it really is just laughable. besides this a bon jovi blog for bon jovi FANS, so where else would i be?! if bon jovi we're making records for the love of money instead of music im sure they would have quit a long time ago. they're only back once more because their fans demand it!


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