Friday, June 12, 2009

New Bon Jovi single in August, album in November?

That's what this article seems to be implying anyway:
Bon Jovi is in the studio recording a new album. But don’t expect them to make the Grammy deadline of August 31st.

Band insiders say a single may make the early cut-off. The album, though, will likely drop later in the fall, maybe in November.

Sorry to say, and maybe just maybe I will be wrong, but I think Jon will lose all his hair three times over before Bon Jovi wins a Grammy on their own. ;)

However, August is only a couple of months away. And my birthday is in November so if there is a nice release waiting for me that month, I will not complain; although whether this is a greatest hits compilation with some new songs on it, or an album of entirely new material, is yet to be established. And will that new album really be the "big loud rock record" the band has been promising for the best part of 10 years? Seems we'll find out pretty soon.

Interesting times in Joviland! And of course, new album means new tour which is always great for YouTube goodness. :)

Anyway, The Screen Door recently posted a link to this 1998 article about Richie and Undiscovered Soul. Reminded me of the solo album he was supposed to be working on and releasing before the band got together again last year.
It's obvious that Sambora enjoys being a solo artist, so just what will happen when Bon Jovi eventually work together again? "We'll find out!" he chuckles. "I don't foresee a problem myself. When you get this thoughtful and do as much work as I've been doing here on my own, Bon Jovi will be a break. I'm interested to see what happens myself when we sit down to write. It really is like a marriage. People ask how it can stay fresh and you can stay together? We're independent people with our own lives too, we hold onto the commitment even though we're not together all the time. When we do get together, it's special because of that. And I don't see why this shouldn't be any different."

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