Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everybody's got a hungry heart...

Apparently our man Jon Bon Jovi was supposed to join his fellow Jerseyite Bruce Springsteen to perform "Hungry Heart" at Hyde Park last night but was denied because of a curfew:
“The show had run for three hours, and sadly had just nudged over the curfew limit when the organisers have to shut the sound off.

Jon was waiting at the side of the stage, ready to go, but when the plug was pulled it was just too late.

“It would have been an incredible ending to the show, and it's a huge shame it couldn't happen.

Bruce and Jon were gutted. It's probably just as well the crowd didn't know he was waiting on the side of the stage, as they would have been gutted as well.”

I don't think I'm being too biased in saying Bruce and Jon are two of the best live performers going around (I only hope I have as much energy and enthusiasm as Bruce when I'm 60!)... But to partially make up for the loss, here is an awesome joint performance of "Hungry Heart" from 1999.

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