Friday, December 12, 2008

LH Magic Memory #22: Stranger In This Town in Newark

The Lost Highway Tour kicked off with 10 very hyped-up shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. For the mostpart, what fans got were some rather expensive okay shows. From a diehard's perspective, the biggest single gem popped up during the 7th show: November 4, 2007. As Jon Bon Jovi slipped backstage to cool off, Richie Sambora stepped up to the mic, having sung "These Days" on the previous six nights. But not tonight. Instead, Richie performed one of his solo songs, "Stranger in this Town" for the first time in six years.

At this early stage of the tour, Richie was a better singer than Jon and I think Jon knew it too. It was also quite a fitting song, given Richie had spent the past year being tabloid fodder. I love the bluesy tones in his voice and the guitar solos in this song... not to mention the way he plays them like a man possessed (I was going to say something more risque but I don't know how young my readers are :P ).

Everybody loves a winner 'til the winners lose
And then it's front page news
Nobody loves a loser
When you're down and out, you know there ain't no doubt

Just three more magic memories to go! And then you can all flame me for not including x, y, and z. :P

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