Friday, December 5, 2008

Crackstage Backstab :(

The Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi fan club is hosting a members-only concert in New Jersey in February, with tickets going on sale for $US275 tomorrow. I'm not a Backstager so the first I heard of this was an invitation to a Facebook group called "Can backstagejbj be more unfair to us?!?". Bon Jovi have always been commercial, and if you can afford this (plus airfares and accommodation if you don't live locally) then all power to you. But I feel sorry for the so-called Tommys and Ginas. In the current economic climate, I'm sure average Americans are just rolling in cash (note sarcasm). Not to mention New Jersey already got screwed on the last tour... 10 overpriced, half-arsed shows at the Prudential Centre at the beginning of what would later become the band's best tour this decade. And Backstagers are already paying $50 to use a messageboard and chatroom. I hope for their sake this is one hell of a show. An exclusive, intimate fan club gig should really be free of charge but money-grabbing stunts like this only serve to remind me and many others why we aren't members.


  1. Hi,

    I was just going to write about it but you beat me to it and as usually you said it like it is, with all the right words.

    I met my husband via the BWJBJ, in those days when we received 4 newsletters a year and there was no web site I knew of. We always thought that because of that we'd always be members but being the Tommy and Gina that we are, reality soon told us something different.

    I love this band but the only way I'd become a member again and attend these elite shows would be if I had lots of spare cash and no other priorities.

  2. It's also not "Bon Jovi". I heard it's "Jon and friends".

    I'll keep my money. I can think of much better things to do with it.


  3. In that case, maybe he's had some time to practise songs from Blaze of Glory or Destination Anywhere which would be interesting to watch if someone YouTubes it. Still overpriced though, Jon!


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