Thursday, October 16, 2008

A distinct lack of Republican musicians?

Less than three weeks out from the US Presidential elections, and Bon Jovi are the latest musicians (following the Foo Fighters, Heart, John Mellencamp, and Jackson Browne) to take issue with the Republicans' use of their work. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been playing "Who Says You Can't Go Home" at her campaign rallies this week. Jon gave this statement to

We are surprised to hear that our song, "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was used by the McCain campaign at rallies yesterday and today. We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past twenty-five years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the de facto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities. Although we were not asked, we do not approve of their use of "Home".

Of course, JBJ is a known Democrats supporter but this isn't even a political issue to me. More like "moral rights". I know I can be insanely protective of my work, whether it's published or not. While art is open to interpretation, as an artist, I'd hate for my works to be misappropriated. I cringe when people try to turn Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" into a flag-waving celebration. Or when people dedicate Heart's "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You" to their spouses. Although the use of "Who Says" by the Republicans doesn't miss the point to THAT extent!

It does raise another issue though. Most of musicians, artists, and entertainers you see tend to support the Democrats. As far as Republican musicians go, I think we've got Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Johnny Ramone, Hank Williams Jr, and I'm sure many others. Might be safer for the Republicans to go with one of those next time.

In other news, I cobbled together a header and promotional banner for the blog. Do you like them?

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