Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bon Jovi sued for... a hell of a lot more than Tommy & Gina will ever see!

The famous Bart Steele is now suing Bon Jovi and a bunch of other parties for $400 billion for copyright infringement. This is the guy who claims "I Love This Town" is a ripoff of his Red Sox tribute song "Man I Really Love This Team". I'd prefer not to reproduce the whole antiMusic article in a blog post about alleged copyright breaches, so you can read the story here.$400_Billion_Dollar_Lawsuit.shtml

Bart also sent antiMusic a copy of the lawsuit: Steele v Turner Broadcasting System Inc. et al

And his Myspace page, where you can hear the song in question and read his blogs:
I was a little amused to find that Bart has put Joel Ellis, who accused Bon Jovi of stealing "I'll Be There For You" from him, in his top friends. :P

Bart says his song was used as a temp track. The main query I have about that is, while "I Love This Town" has been used to promote Major League Baseball, the song itself is about Nashville. I don't think the songs sound alike and can't really stand Bart's song enough to listen to it again while playing the MLB video on mute. But use your own ears.


  1. Did you see the follow-up editorial at antiMusic about this? The guy basically ripped all of Bart's claims a new a-hole. And he admits he hates Bon Jovi! Glad they posted a counter opinion on this.

  2. Just read antiGuy's article... Thanks for the heads up. :) I agree that Bart probably thinks Bon Jovi did rip off his song but he may not even have made that connection if MLB hadn't used "I Love This Town" for its ad (thus making Bart think it's a song -- his song -- about baseball).


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