Sunday, April 5, 2020

David Bryan's COVID-19 experience

In just a few short weeks, the world has become a wildly different place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the illness first touched Bon Jovi when David Bryan revealed on Instagram on March 21 that he had been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

I know he's copped a fair bit of flak for his "Please don't be afraid!!! It's the flu not the plague" line, given how many people have died and how many people are likely to still die. I'm thinking David was trying to reduce panic (like the kind that has resulted in supermarket assaults over toilet paper?) rather than be irresponsibly flippant. But he is also lucky he seems to have a relatively mild case (and as a fan, I'm grateful for that too).

David provided an update on Dana Perino's show a couple of days later, where he sounded more sombre, talking about his symptoms and how differently the virus has affected different people (e.g. his wife Lexi, who also tested positive but has no symptoms, versus others who have obviously been extremely sick).

Hope you're back to feeling 100% soon, DB!

While we're all staying home, here's something to watch and listen to... David singing "In These Arms" with Bon Jovi at Rock in Rio 2019:

And here's David's own version of "In These Arms" from his solo album Lunar Eclipse:

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