Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Jeanna de Waal & David Bryan perform If

The latest collaboration between David Bryan and his musical theatre partner Joe DiPietro is Diana: A True Musical Story, based on the life of Princess Diana.

Here's a video featuring Jeanna de Waal, who plays the title role, singing "If" from the musical. David accompanies her on the piano:

David also spoke to Rolling Stone about the Diana musical. Here's a snippet where he discusses the writing of the songs:
Bryan wrote different styles of music for each character. Diana’s songs are in a rock-pop style from the Eighties. Queen Elizabeth’s music sounds more regal, with horns and drums. Charles gets rock songs with strings and orchestrations. Parker Bowles gets what Bryan describes as a “light FM” sound. He made the paparazzi sounds like the Clash. “I tried to make all these styles live on top of each other, so in the songs there will be a part where the punk comes in and it’s over a classical piece and a rock & roll piece goes on top of that,” he says. “So in theory, it was easy in my brain but to do it was not so easy, but it’s fun.”
Broadway previews of Diana begin in March 2020.

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