Friday, October 13, 2017

Flashback: Jon Bon Jovi hosts SNL

Jon Bon Jovi hosted Saturday Night Live 10 years ago, on October 13, 2007.

Since we're currently on a break in the tour and no new dates have been confirmed, I thought I'd share a few clips from that episode.

Amy's Bedroom (cold open) - JBJ emerges from a teenage Amy Poehler's poster:

New Jersey Game Show - Jon plays a stereotypical Jersey native:

Where's My Purse? - Jon plays an alien:

Naming the Band - A fictional account of how Bon Jovi got their name:

I couldn't find Jon's monologue, where Richie Sambora forgot his scripted line. (This stuff-up was supposedly the reason why Bon Jovi ended up performing two songs in the episode and Foo Fighters only did one, despite Foo Fighters being the musical guests.)

Anyway, Phil X said on Twitter a few days ago that more tour dates would be announced "soon" so fingers crossed:

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  1. I loved the skit with JBJ and Amy
    Even all these years later it is
    May 2022 And Jon Bon Jovi
    is still around doing concerts.


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