Friday, January 6, 2017

God Bless This Mess music video #THINFS

Bon Jovi's music video for "God Bless This Mess" is now streaming on TIDAL. The video features the band playing in an alley, interspersed with newspaper headlines about their sometimes tumultuous history. I could've done without the random snippets of lyrics flashing on the screen, but I think the overall "unpolished" look of the video was deliberate.

Watch "God Bless This Mess" on TIDAL:

We now have 9 of the 10 videos that were promised from the BonJovi-TIDAL partnership:

  1. Knockout
  2. Labor of Love
  3. Come On Up to Our House
  4. Scars on This Guitar
  5. The Devil's in the Temple
  6. Roller Coaster
  7. Born Again Tomorrow
  8. New Year's Day
  9. God Bless This Mess
The video for title track "This House Is Not For Sale" had already been released earlier. That leaves "Living With the Ghost" and "Reunion" as the two songs that don't have a video yet. One of those will come out on TIDAL, and then YouTube a week or two later. But it would be strange to leave only one song on the album without a video, so perhaps the last one will be out in time for the start of the tour.

UPDATE 8/1/17: SJ Magazine just ran a story about Jon and the JBJ Soul Foundation's philanthropic work in Camden, New Jersey. There's also a bit about the upcoming videos:
As the work on housing and homelessness pushes on, Bon Jovi continues to bring attention to the city. Two music videos for his new album, “This House is Not for Sale,” were shot in Camden. (The videos will be available to stream to Tidal members this month.)
“With the release of our new album, we decided to solicit several directors to do videos for every song on the album,” says Bon Jovi. “Casey Stein, our director, was assigned two songs: ‘Living with the Ghost,’ and ‘Reunion,’ which I wrote for my recent convocation speech at Rutgers. I explained to Casey and his producer that I was given an honorary doctorate by Rutgers, and I wanted to do something special with my speech – so I wrote the class a song.”
“When they told me the high school had the name Camden written on the bleachers, they pitched me that we could relate the song not only to the graduating class of Rutgers, but also to the journey of Camden and bringing back their people to the Reunion…that conversation won me over and led to our collaboration.”
Bon Jovi filmed his performance for the Reunion video at Camden High School last fall on a day students had off.
UPDATE 13/1/17: "God Bless This Mess" is now on YouTube. Watch it below or on the BonJoviVEVO channel.

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