Monday, June 23, 2014

"No bad blood" says Richie Sambora

In this translation from Lust for Life Magazine in the Netherlands, Richie Sambora says he was given an ultimatum when he wanted a break from touring with Bon Jovi. Here's a little of what he had to say about that and the possibility of a return to the band in the future:
"I saw a year of other priorities ahead of me; I wanted to make my own music and I preferred doing a few shows with my own band. I said I wanted a break."

But he reports that his request "was just not accepted," adding: "The Bon Jovi machine had to go on. I could choose – join or leave. That's hard when you share joys and sorrows for 30 years."

Sambora believes he made the correct decision, however. "It's fantastic," he says of his current situation. "We enjoy every night. I've done a lot of wrong things in my life and I've regularly made bad decisions. But I think this step was the right one at last."

He continues: "There's no bad blood with me any more. I love Jon, and I still see the possibility of a return. There are just a few steps I want to – need to – take."

And if a reunion doesn't happen, Sambora will continue in his own direction. "We're going to record an album; I'd do a tour after that," he says. "Not a tour of 14 months in more than 50 countries. Just a nice tour, playing music then being home for a while."
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