Saturday, March 15, 2014

Richie Sambora doesn't want to play Runaway again

Richie Sambora sat down for an interview with The Sun-Herald during his recent visit to Australia. Much of what he said has been mentioned in some form or another in previous interviews, but what stuck out for me was when Kate Waterhouse asked Richie if there were any songs he never wanted to play again and he said he didn't think he'd ever perform Runaway again:

The early Bon Jovi stuff I can't stand. I just think we didn't have our stylistic voice. But some people love some of that stuff. Like people are going "[play] Run Away" and I'm going "I hate that song! I'll never play it again!"

I know it's the only song from the first two albums that Bon Jovi plays these days and that neither he nor Jon are too fond of those albums. But given Runaway was written by Jon and George Karak before Richie was ever in the picture, and there may never have been a Bon Jovi band without it, I thought it was a strange example to use. And possibly one that signals Richie's intentions going forward.

Anyway, here's a video of Richie talking to Kate about the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, writing hit songs, and his feelings about Runaway.

Date with Kate: Richie Sambora

You can also read other extracts from the interview here.


  1. Just my thoughts but he is starting to sound more and more egotistical

  2. Sheesh. I agree with Mary Runde. He sounds/gets more and more egotistical every time he opens his mouth. And as someone who really does like a lot of the first 2 records, I could do without him trashing them. I'm tired of "Runaway", but only because I've been hearing it for 30 years and there are other "oldies" that I'd rather get to hear in concert. But there is no reason for him to keep running off at the mouth. I can't imagine it is endearing him to fans.

  3. I have to agree. its obvious he is trying to get a dig at Jon & that something has happened between them but I just wish they would quit dancing around it & say what their future is - if they even know. very sad in Joviland these days.

  4. Just when I think I can ignore him, he spouts off again. I admire Jon for his restraint, but lets get rid of him and go on. Used to love this guy and loved his music. No more, let's get PhilX who did a great job last year.

  5. I love runaway to this day ! Nothing wrong with the song . First song tha caught my attention .


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