Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bon Jovi fan requests: Living in Sin and Blood Money in Copenhagen

Bon Jovi taking a couple of requests at their June 6, 2013 show in Copenhagen. I take it signs and banners aren't banned anymore. ;)

Living in Sin was performed without Phil X, but Jon paid tribute to him at the end of the song, as he got married during the break between the Tampere show and Copenhagen. Living in Sin was one of five top 10 singles from New Jersey and I wish it wasn't so rarely played, even if Jon doesn't do the "screams" anymore.

Here's another video of Blood Money.

I hate saying this but in all honesty, Jon still doesn't sound that great compared to what he's been capable of in the not-so-distant past. Hope he can sort this out. I'm glad he took the requests though. Some of the most special Bon Jovi moments come when Jon goes out of auto pilot and sticks his neck out like that.

And sometimes you'll get a moment as magical as the impromptu rendition of Stick To Your Guns back on the Lost Highway Tour (Jon sounded fantastic in 2008, by the way).

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