Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big & Rich Born Again with Bon Jovi

Hillbilly Jedi, the new album from country duo Big & Rich is available for pre-order. This is relevant to the blog because they collaborated with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora on a track called Born Again. And if you go to their Hillbilly Jedi site and put your email address in the space provided, you can listen to the song.

The link is here:

(Of course, this means subscribing to their newsletter, but you should be able to unsubscribe later if you wish... or else, just wait for the track to pop up somewhere else for free.)

EDIT: Someone has recorded the streaming audio and uploaded it here.

I'm not familiar with the Big & Rich back catalogue, but Born Again sounds like something off Lost Highway to me -- There are serious shades of We Got It Goin' On (which isn't surprising) and Put the Boy Back in Cowboy on first listen.

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  1. Same here, reminds me on 'Put The Boy Back In Cowboy' in a way. Still wishing Put The Boy (as well as 'Walk Like A Man') would have been on LH and not just a bonust track. I for one just LOVE those two songs and definitely would add them to the best songs in the 2000er era!


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